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Physical activity in dementia care (Actimentia)

Actimentia L


Actimentia is a European collaborative project that has been funded with the support of the Erasmus+ program (KA2) of the European Union. It has lasted from 2018 to 2021.

Its main objective is to promote among formal and informal caregivers of elderly people with dementia the benefits of physical exercises and activities which can be performed in their familiar living environment (at home or at a community care setting). Performing physical activity in a home or community care based setting, is indeed an effective and intrinsically attractive way to promote physical activity training in MCI and dementia care and to modulate caregiver burden.

Test the Actimentia platform on actimentia.org!

You can read more info about the Actimentia project on its website and on its Facebook page.




A gamified platform

To achieve these goals, an online gamified platform has been developed by Interactive 4D. It proposes a program based on videos of several types :

physical exercices presented by real sport coaches. These videos were made during the Erasmus+ project WHOLE in which some partners of the Actimentia project took part.


physical exercices and dances performed by 3D avatars. These videos were created by Interactive 4D thanks to various technologies: 3D modeling, 3D animation and motion capture (done by a lab of the Münster university).

Actimentia-motion capture1                              Actimentia-motion capture2






European partners

The partners of the Actimentia project are:

. The Institute of Sports Science of the university of Münster (Germany), coordinator
BFI Oberösterreich (Austria)
Frodizo (Greece)
Association Generations (Bulgaria)
Interactive 4D (France)
The Zinman College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences at the Wingate Institute (Israël)
PLinEU (Poland)
Wohlfahrtswerk für Baden-Württemberg (Germany).





February 24-28th 2020 :
Third consortium meeting in Patras (Greece), organised par Frodizo.


An article presenting this event was published (in German) on the website of NABIBB, the federal agency that coordinates Erasmus+ projects in Germany.


June 18-19 2019 :
Second consortium meeting in Nice, hosted by Interactive 4D.



February 12th-13th 2019 :
First consortium meeting at the Institute of Sports Science of the university of Münster (Germany), coordinator of the Actimentia project.