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Complex negotiations (Quidem)

Training goals : developing the ability to manage complex sales.

Quidem Complex selling simulation brings to life the challenge of gaining approval from a range of different ‘buyers’ at a prospect organisation in order to achieve a sale.


This simulation has been created by Prendo Simulations Limited, a UK limited company and was developed originally for an engineering software company.
Quidem also challenges participants to ensure that their proposal creates long term value for both customer and supplier organisations: i.e. that it ensures a WIN-WIN. This simulation has been used to develop and test a range of skills that are required by business sales professionals.
Contacts are taken by email, phone calls and meeetings.
Quidem is typically used within ½ and 1 day workshops, for between 9 and 50 participants.


Participants develop key complex selling skills such as :

• identify key client individuals, their role and influence

• uncover the rational and non-rational factors that drive buyer attitudes

• understand the decision-making process and timeframe

• develop a communication plan, ask the right questions

• create a proposal matching client needs and focusing the value

• manage the sale internally


Who is this for :               

• Anyone responsible for ensuring successful sales

• Sales people, account managers, sales directors, general managers


References :     

• Entreprises : Areva, BAE Systems, BT, Deloitte, GSK GlaskoSmithkline, Nestlé, Oracle,

SAP, Shell, Unilever...

• Education : HEC, IESE Business School, IMD, Insead, London Business School...


Training context :           

• With a teacher's supervision

• Participants organised in teams of 3 or 4, in order to share experiences


Training goals : Develop the ability of managing complex sales


Duration : Within 1 or 2 days workshop


Structure of simulation : Dialogues between participants and virtual characters


Languages :      

• English

• French


Scenario : Simulation based on a sophisticated model of a complex sale and the mind of a buyer


Immersion :       

• Photo-realistic environment in 2D static (no move)

• More than 5000 possibilities of written dialogues


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