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Managing stakeholders (Pactio)


Training goals : learn how to develop stakeholders management skills.

This simulation has been created by Prendo Simulations Limited, a UK limited company and was originally commissioned by Shell.

It has been used across many industries and also by numerous public sector organisations.

It brings to life the universal leadership challenge of gaining buy-in and approval across a range of interested parties that are likely to have different and often conflicting interests.

This capability is increasingly regarded as the key factor that determines the success of initiatives.


Who is this for :

• Project and program managers

• Project team members, account managers, consultants


References :

• Entreprises : Areva, BAE Systems, BT, Deloitte, GSK GlaskoSmithkline, Nestlé, Oracle, SAP, Shell, Unilever...

• Education : HEC, IESE Business School, IMD, Insead, London Business School...


Training context :

• Under a trainer's supervision

• Participants organised in teams of 3 or 4, in order to share experiences


Training goals : Develop project stakeholders management and negociation skills


Duration : Within 1 or 2 days workshop 


Structure of simulation : Dialogues between participants and virtual characters 


Languages : 

• English 

• French 


Scenario : Construction of a copper mine in Central America. The participants play the part of Chris Porrin, manager of the copper mine of Baraka in Venezuela.


Immersion :

• Photo-realistic environment en 2D static (no move) 

• More than 5000 possibilities of written dialogues 



The simulation has been used in project and general management contexts and also a range of leadership courses. It also brings to life many of the issues associated with corporate responsibility, including how to define the ultimate success criteria of projects and the value of reputation.

The simulation is typically used within ½ and 1 day workshops, for between 9 and 50 participants.

The participants must contact the differents stakeholders such as directors, mayors, the Finance Minister, trade-union members, elected Ecologists...in order to gain their support to the project. They need to : understand the causes of overall project success, develop advanced stakeholders analyses, balance the conflicting interests of a variety of stakeholders, use networks to influence stakeholders decisions, and imagine efficient communication strategies.

Based partly on the effectiveness onf their consultation with the stakeholders, teams need to take decisions and find a compromise across the various specification options, taking into consideration the stakeholder's conflicting interets and also their relative power.

Contacts are taken by emails, phone calls and meetings.

The game finishes before the effective construction of the mine.



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