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These business simulations and serious games aim at developing the skills of managers and future managers in the field of project management, project control and project leadership.


Designed by Prendo Simulations Ltd and used in international corporates and prestigious management schools and universities, these business games are played online in teams of 2 to 4 people under the supervision of an expert trainer who presents the simulation context, structures the game sessions, proposes analysis grids, discloses the results of the teams and moderates the collective debriefing.


"Train the trainer" sessions can be planned for organizations willing to master their own training programs.    


Project leadership (Spatium)

Training goals : how to develop leadeship skills

This serious game has been developped by an INSEAD researcher.

It brings to life the universal challenges of project management : it is based around a project to design and build a new football stadium. The old stadium can be seen outside the window, before the demolition work has started.


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Project control (Schola)

Training goals : develop planning and controlling skills during a project

The Schola simulation gives participating teams an opportunity to practise using a range of project management tools and techniques, including:

• risk and stakeholder analysis

• work breakdown structures

• logical flow and critical path analysis

• bar charts

• budgeting

• cashflow

• resource allocation

• Earned Value analysis

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Managing stakeholders (Pactio)

Training goals : learn how to develop stakeholders management skills.

This serious game, developped by an INSEAD ingeneer, was originally commissioned by ShelIt has been used across many industries and also by numerous public sector organisations.

It brings to life the universal leadership challenge of gaining buy-in and approval across a range of interested parties that are likely to have different and often conflicting interests.

This capability is increasingly regarded as the key factor that determines the success of initiatives.

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