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Aeronautic security

Mission Refueling

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Awareness towards safety refueling procedures on airfields


Interactive 4D presents Mission Refueling, a serious game designed and developed for the TOTAL group, one of the largest oil and gas companies and chemical manufacturers in the world.

Mission Refueling is a a fun and interactive training tool designed to raise awareness towards safety refueling procedures on airfields. The target users are pilots of light airplanes and flight schools students. This game allows them to test their knowledge and improve their security reflexes. The refueling phase involves many risks that pilots must master perfectly.

This free game is available online at http://missionrefueling.com

It is also available on Android smartphones and tablet download on Google Play and iPhone and iPad through the App Store.

Refuel safely with Mission Refueling

Designed for a target of private aircraft pilots, flight schools students and their families, this serious game aims at raising awareness towards safety refueling procedures, in a playful way.

Risks related to refueling are numerous :
- misfueling (fuel error)
- spark
- fire
- explosions
- fuel vapors
- storms
- leaks
- crashes

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A game suitable for educational goals

In this immersive 3D real time simulation game, the player is a pilot about to make a family trip. His mission is to execute all phases of a successful refueling, while taking measure of risks associated to this exercise.

He will have to select actions to perform and prioritize them. He will be able to improve his score with each successful mission.

He will also have to keep an eye on his children while answering their questions about safety procedures. Each correct answer brings back points and allows him to improve his score.

At the end, the player can register himself to compete against other pilots and participate in the ranking of the 10 best players.

The game :

Immersed in an airfield's realistic environment, the player must perform the pre-flight inspection, lead the aircraft to the refueling station and fill all safety requirements prior to refueling:

- Tighten the hand brake
- Stop the engine
- Bring out all passengers
- Close the canopy
- Go to the PLC
- Choose the right fuel
- Connect the equipotential bonding to the cabin.

Then can begin the refueling.

At the same time, the player will face some unexpected events: thunderstorm, dangers related to the environment and passengers behavior (use of electronic devices, cigarette ...).

After refueling, the pilot is invited to proceed to the controls and fill in the logbook of the unit.

A multiplatform game

The game Mission Refueling is available for free on PCs, Mac, tablets and smartphones.

On the game's website: http://missionrefueling.com

For tablets and smartphones uses: via the App Store (for iPhone et iPad) and via Google Play (for Android tablets and smartphones).

Animations around Mission Refueling will be held very soon during aviation events in France.

The website http://missionrefueling.com will also provide some additional information for pilots (supply logistics, map of France's aerodromes and availability of different Air Total fuels).

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  Mission Refueling - vol

A realistic 3D modeling

For a maximal realism in the rendering of places and situations, Interactive 4D scouted for locations  and took hundreds of pictures on an Ile-de-France airfield.

A plane and a helicopter were modelled on the basis of real aircrafts, so that the situations fit as closely as possible to the reality. A refueling station of Total was also represented in 3D identically.